Ecowar - Natural Resources and Conflict

"All wars are fought over natural resources", a local permaculture enthusiast told me as we were driving home from a visit to a community gardening project. By growing his own potatoes he was in his own small way promoting world peace. A bit over-simplified I thought to myself. But an interest was sown.

Ecowar - Natural Resources and Conflict is a book summarizing more than four years of spare time research into his postulate. May prove how all wars are indeed fought over natural resources. Or at least show that few wars are fought for the reasons they were excused by.

This is the website of all things Ecowar. Read a brief description or a preview of the book, interact with or contact the author, find it at your favorite book vendor or read the reviews.


"energetic and thought-provoking [...] This is a treatise without inflexible dogma."
- Kevin Rennie, Red Bluff

I got a spam email yesterday :-)

Here it goes:

Sent: 2. september 2013 06:19
Subject: This Company is unique

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My deletions and bold, obviously.

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