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The original Ecowar blog

Home of the original semi-digested research and musings.

The Google Plus Ecowar page

A bit of project updates and a bit of Ecowar Twitter-like research updates in Google Plus awesomeness.

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All the bookmarks I do in further research, updates at the Ecowar blog and this site. And even the occasional manual tweet.

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Check Ecowar Weekly for a presentation of the past week's tweets from both the Ecowar account and from some of the best sources. Subscribe to an email alert every time this paper is updated using the menu in the top right corner.

Ecowar board on Quora Discontinued.

Quora aims to connect "you to everything you want to know about". For now I mostly just clip people's ecowar related questions and answers on a board.

Benno Hansen's Google Plus page

You may want to add this profile to not just environmental, geopolitical and international security circles but also geek and photography circles.

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Benno Hansen, author of Ecowar, tweeting about not just natural resources and conflict but open source software, various science and such subjects as well.

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For secure communication import my public PGP key then send me your own. (I wrote an introduction to PGP for those who need it.)