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"a paradigm shifting book with tremendous depth and scope [...] a journey that ranges from the anthropological story of modern humans from paleo times, to impressive cross-sections of human history, to an overview of what seems to be all major conflicts in the past few decades. [...] guarantee to galvanize even the most eco-saavy reader's perspective on this topic"
- Relief Analysis Wire

"energetic and thought-provoking [...] This is a treatise without inflexible dogma."
- Kevin Rennie, Red Bluff

"an important book [...] on a topic more people should pay attention to [...] This is a fascinating thought-provoking book which I encourage you to read."
- Scott Butki, Newsvine

"an interesting book [...] What's there is good, but Benno just needs to write more of it. A book on such an important topic could run to several volumes, if you really wanted."
- MinnieApolis, Newsvine

Some comments received in emails:

"[...] a real pleasure receiving your book. It's very interesting! Most of it is so very relevant today [...]"

"[...] very interesting and significant [...]"

"[...] is extremely well written and interesting [...]"

"[Interlude A about a Neanderthal family] makes exciting reading [...] this might be one way of waking the current generation up to the fact that if we do not solve our ecological problem we could become past history."

Reviews will be added to this page as I discover them.

"I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses."
- Johannes Kepler, 1571 – 1630.