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"Ecowar the Movie"

A 12 minutes mix from a couple of speeches and lectures that address resource conflicts. Some have been quoted in the book, some have just been inspiring.

Original footage in full below.

Nnimmo Bassey, 2009

"People say that crude oil is an easy and cheap form of energy. But it's not the truth. Crude oil may be cheap but only because people are not paying the price. If you see what is going on in the oil fields: The pollution, the degradation, the human rights abuses, the murders and the killings - I would like you to tell me how much one drop of oil should cost."

Joachim Spangenberg, 2009

Unfortunately, the camera memory filled up before Spangenberg had finished talking. Some of his points not in the video include this:

"The question is whether [...] mankind has a real [choice] between conflict over resources or collaboration to deal with resources [...will] that work out in a situation of absolute scarcity?"

Jürgen Scheffran, 2009

"[We] have looked at major conflict constellations that may be relevant in the future. One is water, one is food, one is natural disasters [...] the fourth one is migration as a factor. These could contribute each of themselves but also in their combination."

Claus Montonen, 2009

About pollution from war. Not optimal sound quality.

Wolfgang Sachs, 2010

Sachs talking for almost an hour about sustainable development and economic growth. Only some of it about resource conflicts, for example one of his four "logical answers" to scarcity:

"the first logical answer is, well, keep out people who might add to the aspirations; so it is a logical answer to go for exclusion."

See page 76 of the book.

Wangari Maathai, 2011

"many of the local conflicts that we were having, especially in East Africa, [...] were being fed by competition over resources. Especially over land, [?], farming land, water, watering points."

See page 102-103 of the book.

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